1. How is shipping calculated? Shipping is calculated weight of total items. We offer free shipping on purchases over $30.

2. Do you provide a tracking number? Yes, as long as you provide your email address.

3. Are your products safe? Yes. Our products are BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free and comply with all physical stress testing. Because our products are considered to be a toy and for eating, we have to test for both FDA and ASTM.

4. What is your return policy? We offer exchanges for damaged product.

5. What is your product made out of? Our products are made from high quality polypropylene. 

6. Are your products dishwasher safe? Yes. Please clean them just like any other utensil.

7. What is Rise Against Hunger? Rise Against Hunger is our global outreach partner responsible for the management and distribution of meals and aid to the 73 countries we serve.

8. How do you give back? Multiple ways. First, we provide funds to Rise Against Hunger through the sale of our totally awesome products. Secondly, we conduct food packing events where we hand pack over 10,000 meals for a designated community. Thirdly, we pack and distribute meals for the hungry in our own communities here in the United States. We also provide innovation workshops for radical kids in the Boulder, Colorado area. Cool, huh?

9. What is the age group for this product? Our products are age graded 3 and up, but we've witnessed parents give their 18-month-olds our products to use.

10. Are these only for eating? This is a very good question. The answer is no. Occupational therapists are using our products to help build dexterity and fine motor skills with their patients.

11. How does ModSet work? This is a fun one! The possibilities are endless depending on how many ModSets you own. Stack the plates and bowls to make a tower, or snap them together to form a suspension bridge. They are also great for storing leftovers or bringing food to a picnic. Send us pictures on how you use ModSet. It's truly modular! 

12. Can I interchange Gator Grips and Crabby Grabby? Yes. All the cool kids are doing it!

13. Will these products take the place of regular tableware? We hope so :)